About Thassos

    Thassos Greece is one of the islands of the North-Eastern Aegean. is an attractive place with beautiful sandy beaches and traditional villages with incredible mountain vistas.According to an ancient myth, Thassos was the island of the Sirens, the devilish women with a fish tail.

    Thasos, the capital (now informally known as Limenas, or “the port”), stood on the north side of the island, and had two harbors. Archilochus described Thasos as “an ass’s backbone crowned with wild wood,” and the description still suits the mountainous island with its forests of fir and pine.

    Besides its gold mines, the wine, nuts and marble of Thasos were well known in antiquity. Thasian wine (a light bodied wine with a characteristic apple scent) was, in particular, quite famous; to the point where all Thasian coins carried the head of the wine god Dionysos on one side and bunches of grape of the other.

    Today, Thasos is a part of the Kavala prefecture and is the southernmost and the easternmost points in the prefecture. Under local government reform in the late 1990s, the entire island became a single municipality.

    Nightlife & Beaches

    The beaches of Thassos Island are usually fine sandy beaches with Crystal clear water. One of the characteristics of the beaches on Thassos is that they are surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes. Many of the beaches have amenities such as sun beds, umbrellas, taverns, and bars.

    The nightlife of Thassos has a multi-ethnic flavour due to the tourists. Thassos is a particularly popular destination among both Greeks and visitors from other European countries. This is coupled by the fact that Thassos does have numerous standard hangouts like music bars, restaurants and other jaunts offering live music and dance performances.

    These happening places are a favorite among visitors, especially during the summer peak season. Limenas, the capital of Thassos, has fast-food outlets and some first-rate tavernas offering authentic Greek cuisine around the harbour. There are some bars, too, playing live music until late at night. Restaurants cater to the foreign tourists with a variety of dishes. Seafood is a major draw, which is readily available in the more up-market tavernas.