You can travel to Thassos from either one of the two different sea ports located opposite the island on the mainland. One is Kavala and the other is Keramoti. If you are travelling by car, then your natural preference should be Keramoti port which is situated 45 km east of Kavala town. Crossing over to Thassos is a short trip and the cost is 3 Euro per person. Price for car varies according to length of vehicle.

After an enjoyable 35 minute journey, you will arrive in Thassos town port. Kipos is situated about 800 meters from the port (see map of Thassos)
Keramoti is also a good choice if you are coming by air plane to Kavala International Airport, also known as “Megas Alexandros”, in Kavala, Macedonia, Greece. In this case you would either rent a car at the airport to travel to Keramoti port, or hire a taxi cab at a cost of about 10 Euro.

If you are coming to Thassos without your own means of transport, then it would be best if you depart from the port of Kavala by hydrofoil or “flying dolphins “as they are known locally. Travel time is about 40 minutes and you will arrive at the marina in Thassos only 200 meters from Kipos.

The most up to date ferry departure information is obtained by calling the Kavala port authority on 00302510223716. By pressing “9” and following the instructions in English, you can obtain current information on all ferry schedules to and from Kavala, Thassos and Keramoti. Please note that schedules change on a seasonal basis and hence all info is only valid at the time of calling.The following links may also be of use although sometimes they are outdated.

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